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15 th

Some of What We’ve Been Working on This Summer: Binding Arbitration, the Senate Bylaws, and Contract Negotiations

Posted by The NCCFT Executive Committee

On June 28th, we posted to this blog about the resolution passed by the Board of Trustees at their June 27th meeting in response to the failed ratification vote regarding the revised Senate bylaws. That resolution charged President Keen with designing a system of shared governance that would: satisfy Middles States, comport with New York…

24 th

How Do You Measure a Community College’s Success?

Posted by The NCCFT Executive Committee

Some of us have been around long enough to remember, maybe twenty or so years ago, when a SUNY-generated “community college report card” was making the rounds. Nassau Community College fell somewhere in the bottom half of the rankings on a couple of significant measures, one of them being our graduation rate, which was determined…

10 th

Thinking Strategically About Governance: What Might We Learn from “SUNY Voices”

Posted by The NCCFT Executive Committee

Published by the national office of the AAUP, the journal Academe “explores a wide range of….critical issues facing higher education.” While full access to the journal requires an AAUP membership, the organization makes some content available online. It’s worth reading for the thoughtful consideration authors give to the topics they write about, many of which…