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Grievance Filed


The NCCFT has filed a Step II grievance against the College in violation of the CBA with particular emphasis on Section 19 Academic Senate in regards to recent BOT resolutions.  More details will follow at the April 7, 2015 Executive Board meeting.



Action Requested

Things to Come

The NCCFT Executive Committee along with our NYSUT/AFT Delegates joined  HigherEd colleagues from across the United States for the joint NEA/AFT Higher Education Conference “Advancing Equality On and Off Campus” in Orlando, FL from March 12-15, 2015.

The conference was comprised of workshops covering governance, membership, political action, finances, grievances, and litigation.

Labor History for Higher Education, Fighting Higher Education Corporatization,  Addressing Membership Apathy,  Demystifying the Threats and Opportunities of MOOC’s, Bargaining Issues: Control of Curriculum, Addressing Sexual Violence on Campus, and Transmitting Our Values Across Generations were only a few of the workshops offered.

The session on Advancing Equity on campuses was particularly interesting. At a time when institutions of Higher Education throughout the country are laying off full-time faculty or not replacing those who retire, how do we increase the diversity of our full-time faculty, staff and administration to mirror the faces and experiences of our students and our county?

Citing Angela Davis, one panelist reminded us that equity is not justice. In a similar vain, another panelist noted that diversity is not equality. These are issued for all of us to address in these most challenging times.

In addition, a host of guest speakers described the national threats to public higher education funded by political action committees and hedge-fund managers seeking to privatize our public institutions.

This attack has been successful in other parts of the nation where places such as Wisconsin and Michigan have turned into Right-to-Work States.  It is obvious that even in New York, which has an established union presence and an established public education system, we are being attacked by Governor Cuomo and his hedge-fund backers.   The privatization concept of public higher education  appears to have trickled down to our local political structure whereby the appointment of the Board of Trustees has resulted in directing the NCC Administration to adopt a business model for this campus.  How else can we account for their insistence on lowering the requirements for acceptance into credit bearing classes and then lowering the standards for graduation?

The recent Academic Senate meeting proved that the faculty across this campus, regardless of discipline or educational philosophy, are opposed to the usurpation by the Board of Trustees of the authority and time-honored role of the faculty in determining curriculum and standards for our students.

We urge everyone to speak to your Chairs, Senators, Senate Committee and Union Representatives to join in one voice that we will not be complacent in the BOT’s agenda to dismantle our reputation as a top community college that is recognized for academic excellence and known as “The Gem of Nassau County”.

NYSUT Lobby Day 2015

NYSUT Executive VP Pallotta’s Testimony

The full testimony of Andrew Pallotta, Executive Vice President, NYSUT, to the Senate Finance Committee Chair, John DeFrancisco and the Assembly Ways and Means Committee Chair, Herman D.Farrell, Jr. on the Proposed 2015-2016 Executive Budget for Higher Education, February 10, 2015:


BOT Meeting Updates





Nancy Barker                                  Barbara Barnard                     Paula Wheeler Carlo                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Wendy Eisner                                Eileen Engelke

Louis Gioia                                         Holly Giordano                       Jason Gorman                          

                         Stephan Ogumah                               Christina Rau

Norman Spencer                                 Joyce Stern                              Peiran Teng          

                           Caitlin Thurber                        Pramila Venkateswaran


In addition, please see the two resolutions that the BOT passed at the February 10, 2015 meeting:

Additional details about this meeting will be discussed by President DeSanto at the next Executive Board meeting.

NYSUT Talking Points

Public Higher Education Quality Initiative

New York State’s system of public higher education-the largest in the nation-is the essential path to economic opportunity and equality for our students. Yet, SUNY and CUNY have suffered close to $2 billion in cuts over the last six years, driving up tuition, imperiling opportunities for students and threatening quality and access. The Public Higher Education Quality Initiative is dedicated to ensuring quality, opportunity and access at public colleges and universities across New York State.

Today, students are shouldering far too much of the weight in funding the academic services and programs offered at these campuses. The Governor again grossly underfunds public higher education and adds insult to injury by subjecting our campuses to ill-conceived pay-for-performance schemes designed to hide his lack of support for our campuses and our students.

NYSUT Urges the Legislature to:

* Provide increased funding and a real maintenance of effort for SUNY and CUNY four-year campuses that includes mandatory costs (collective bargaining, energy and other inflationary costs). We must keep the promise made to our students that increases in their tuition would be used to enhance academic programs and services. It should not be used to fill budget gaps because the state is not paying its fair share.

* Provide an increase of $250 per full-time equivalent student to begin to move towards the promise that was made by the state forty years ago to provide 40 percent of operating costs to community colleges. We must reclaim this promise to these campuses, which are the gateways to public higher education for hundreds of thousands of students in this state.

* Create an endowment to restore and rebuild SUNY and CUNY academic departments through the addition of full-time faculty and professional staff, ensuring the quality courses, programs and mentoring students deserve.

* Reject the Governor’s cuts to SUNY hospitals and restore funding back to the 2010-11 level of $128 million. Reject the ill-advised proposal to authorize private business corporations to own or operate hospitals, which will lead to the privatization of our SUNY hospitals. Re-program the $700 million in capital funding to restructure health care facilities in Brooklyn to be used for the development of comprehensive ambulatory care facilities.

* Reject the Governor’s assault on teacher preparation programs. The Executive Budget includes language to bring about policy changes that would negatively impact teacher preparation programs and teaching students. The proposals are grounded in the New York State Education Department’s deeply flawed and poorly implemented new system of teacher certification exams. If enacted, the proposals could: lead to a dramatic and irreversible decline in college-based teacher preparation programs; reduce access to and diversity in teacher education; and lead to educationally unsound standardization of teacher education curricula.

* Invest strongly in student financial aid and opportunity programs, updating and reforming the state’s Tuition Assistance Program, to advance a strong system of public higher education that ensures quality, access and opportunity for all.

Congratulations NYS Assembly Speaker Heastie

Congratulations Speaker Heastie

Message from NYSUT President Karen Magee

Sisters and brothers:

Gov. Cuomo has declared war on teachers and public education … and every student, parent and educator is threatened by his attacks.

He wants to:

  • · gut collective bargaining and due process rights
  • · hold school funds hostage to his threats
  • · deny college students access and opportunity and
  • · more than double the weight of high-stakes standardized tests.

And he’s pushing his Billionaires’ Agenda by demonizing teachers and unions.

This is the most punishing education plan ever put forward by any New York governor. And it’s a plan that MUST BE STOPPED!

This brief video is my urgent call to action for all NYSUT members. I ask you to take a moment to watch it and then share.

And go to for actions you can take right now to get involved.

Stand up against scapegoating and support what all kids need.

· Please watch this brief video call to action.

You will find action steps, resources and information at to help us win this war.

Thank you in advance for joining the fight to save public education!

In solidarity,

Karen E. Magee


NYSUT Member Appreciation Month

February is Member Appreciation Month!

Don’t forget that NYSUT Member Benefits is teaming up with its endorsed program providers for a special month-long event in February 2015.

Member Appreciation Month will feature a special prize drawing each day of the month in February, including a Bose Wave Radio, iPad Mini, several Amazon Kindles, and a variety of gift cards. The winners of the daily prize drawings will be announced exclusively on the Member Benefits website throughout the month of February.

You MUST be a member of the voluntary Member Benefits MAP Alert email service to be eligible for these drawings!

For more details about Member Appreciation Month, visit the Member Benefits website at or call 800-626-8101.

NYSUT’s Take Action Tuesdays

NYSUT Members

Membership mobilization and keeping everyone informed as we move forward in our fight against the governor will be a challenge.  In an effort to work through this together as one unified union, we need your help.

In an effort to both mobilize our members and keep them informed, I am proud to announce, “Take Action Tuesday.”  On Take Action Tuesdays, we will text a simple idea or action to you and your members.

To accomplish this, we ask you to sign up for the new NYSUT MAC Text Alert. Signing up for text alerts is easy: just text NYSUT to 38470.

We want each of our members to get involved in the work of the union and we need each member involved in the fight for public education.

Remember, the UNION starts with YOU!

In Solidarity,
Andy Pallotta, Executive Vice President