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11-13-14 BOT Meeting

A New Day – The CWCC resolution bringing our Academic programs into compliance with SUNY Seamless passed easily at the special Academic Senate meeting held November 13, 2014.  As previously stated, the NCCFT Executive Committee respects the integrity, professionalism and efforts of the CWCC, Academic Chairs and the Senate to bring together a proposal that […]

The New Paradigm

The NCCFT Executive Committee supported the Academic Senate Executive Committee’s October 28, 2014 resolution asking the Board of Trustees to rescind their SUNY Seamless Mandate resolution. We supported this resolution as a matter of principle. Whether or not you agree with the concepts presented in SUNY Seamless, we believe the BOT’s resolution was premature and […]


POLITICAL ACTION-Nassau County: It’s all about the turnout now-we’ve done a solid two months of labor walks, mailers, phone banks, and assisting multiple campaigns both financially and with man power. What this election is going to depend on is who shows up to the polls on Tuesday. Please do everything you can to get out […]


Although everyone must vote their conscience, please consider supporting your union by voting for those candidates endorsed by NYSUT who share our values and priorities. Every vote counts.   Below are the NYSUT ENDORSEMENTS FOR 2014: To find your state senate representative: To find your state assembly representative: To find your congressional representative: […]

NYSUT Phone Banks

Ask not what your Union can do for you, but what you can do for your Union! We need your help. It is important to be an active member. Here is a way you can help. NYSUT wants our help in getting the endorsed candidates elected into office. The NYSUT PAC team is running phone […]

SUNY Seamless Mandate

Just when we thought we were making progress with our discussions concerning SUNY Seamless, the empty threats emanating from our Administration have taken a turn to desperation. In an act of utter contempt for the concerns of the faculty, students and community we serve, our Administration has asked the BOT to disregard our history of […]

October Update

  The NCCFT received today the first draft of the new CBA from Ingerman Smith. We are working on finalizing the language of the CBA in spirit, intent and word.  This is a time consuming and an ongoing process. The Academic Senate Executive Committee (ASEC) placed SUNY Seamless front and center for discussion at the […]

Member Shopping Program

Welcome to the 2014-2015 Academic Year!

As summer comes to a close and Fall is almost upon us, the NCCFT Executive Committee would like to update you on our activities since the end of the Spring semester. Your Executive Committee has been very busy with Union business during this time.  Please click the link below to open our Fall Welcome Letter […]

2014 NYSUT Endorsed NYS Senate Candidates With Primaries

To Find Your Senate District go to: