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Falling Outcomes – NCCFT Response

Falling Outcomes Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos’s Report “Falling Student Outcomes at Nassau Community College, 2009-2012” is troubling in so many ways.  Here are some key points for discussion. ·         We believe this report exceeds the responsibility and competence of the Comptroller’s Office.  The Campus has been addressing this issue for years, a sobering report […]

Programs for NYSUT Members

The Nassau Community College Board of Trustees Meeting – May 1, 2014


NYSUT – Member Benefits Shopping Program

NCCFT Health & Safety Committee & NCC Nursing Dept. Health & Wellness Fair

Medical Coverage Update

NCC Board of Trustees Meeting – February 25, 2014

Nassau Community College Board of Trustees Meeting – January 27, 2014

Travel and vacation planning with NYSUT Member Benefits

Board of Trustees: Where are you?

BOARD OF TRUSTEES: WHERE ARE YOU? Here we are eight months and eleven negotiating sessions into contract negotiations and where are we? STALLED. We were scheduled to meet with the Board of Trustees’ attorney, John Gross, and the College team on Thursday, 1/23/14. However, on the afternoon of 1/22/14 our NYSUT Labor Relations Specialist, Judy […]