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Insult to Injury

The NCCFT Executive Committee wants to welcome Dr. Faren Siminoff as Secretary of the NCCFT. Dr. Siminoff has hit the ground running and we look forward to strengthening our team with the expertise and energy she brings to the union. We want to thank Prof. Richard Newman for coming forward to run for this position […]

First they came for the temps…

Pastor Martin Niemoller’s poem should serve as a summer reflection for all of us. We assure you that the NCCFT has not been silent regarding the elimination of the jobs of 66 full time faculty members on temporary appointments. Nor will we be silent over the summer. And we will need you to add your […]

And Now For Something Completely Different: A Bit Of Good News!

On Thursday, April 7, elementary, secondary and higher education faculty came together with health care workers and school related professionals for the NYSUT Representative Assembly. This is the yearly gathering where the 600,000 member state-wide union’s agenda is set for the coming year. It is also an opportunity for rousing speeches, sobering assessments, and joyful […]

Communication in Chaos

Preface: Respect, disregard, and unnecessary ill will Imagine that you have been a member of the faculty of NCC for 25 years. You retire with the title of Professor Emeritus and you wish to remain actively involved with the life of the campus. You attend events, you participate in online discussions, and you share information […]

NCC Affirmative Action Committee Takes On Bullies!

The focus of this year’s Sexual Harassment Awareness Days is bullying. The NCCFT is proud of the work done by the Sexual Harassment Education subcommittee of the Academic Senate’s Affirmative Action committee in putting together three fabulous programs. These events are free and open to the public. SEXUAL HARASSMENT AWARENESS DAYS MARCH 29-30, 2011 Being […]

Fight Unjust Budget Cuts: Join NCCFT and NYSUT in a Rally to Education New York State

Despite overwhelming public support for education funding, Governor Cuomo’s proposed budget will reduce state aid to Nassau Community College by 10%. The New York Times notes that it is apparently easier to make painful cuts to the middle and working classes than to extend relatively painless tax surcharges on the wealthy. These budget cuts are […]

Love Your Union Sisters and Brothers On Valentines Day

Taking back the narrative

The NCCFT has many progressive ideas to move this union forward and we will continue to do our best to unfold these initiatives in the months to follow. First things first, however. Once again, the state, county and college claim that we are in a financial crisis. Do not believe that assertion. We are in […]

Monday Morning Music – Adele: Rolling in the Deep

Frank Frisenda, Vice President for Classroom Faculty, chose this week’s Monday Morning Music selection and wrote this post about the need for NCCFT members to pull together and keep NCC strong in the face of serious political and fiscal challenges. What music motivates you to stand up and fight when things are tough? Let us […]

Monday Morning Music – David Bowie: Changes (w/bonus by Tupac)

As we anticipate a new administrative structure we can enjoy this creative video-take on David Bowie’s popular song, “Changes”. If you prefer, here is a live version, filmed in Paris in 2002: And because change is never simple, here is a song recommended by one of Elizabeth’s students during a Social Change class session focused […]