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NYSUT Talking Points

Public Higher Education Quality Initiative New York State’s system of public higher education-the largest in the nation-is the essential path to economic opportunity and equality for our students. Yet, SUNY and CUNY have suffered close to $2 billion in cuts over the last six years, driving up tuition, imperiling opportunities for students and threatening quality […]

Complacency Is Not an Option

SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher’s idea of “systemness,” especially as she defined it in her 2012 State of the University address, sounds good in theory. “Systemness,” she said, “is the coordination of multiple components [within a system] that, when working together, create a network of activity that is more powerful than any action of individual parts […]

Don’t Miss The Forest for the Trees: Seamless Transfer is Part of a Larger Picture We Can’t Ignore

In our last post, we started to place SUNY’s “Seamless Transfer” (SST) initiative in the larger context of what SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher calls “systemness,” a concept she defined in her 2012 State of the University address as, “the coordination of multiple components that[,] when working together[,] create a network of activity that is more […]

Seamless Transfer Is Not What It Seems

Central to the principle of shared governance is the idea that curricular and other academic concerns should fall under the purview of the faculty. The logic is not hard to follow. We are the ones who deal with students on a daily basis, both in and out of the classroom; we are the ones whose […]

From Financial Post: “Fending off university-attacking zombies”

David Naylor is the outgoing president of Toronto University. In this article on, which is an abridged version of the talk he gave last week, he discusses how important it is not to fall victim to two “university-attacking zombies:” You may ask:  What’s a zombie idea?  Well, it’s one of those persistent and infectious pieces […]

The NCCFT Political Action Committee Met with Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel

On February 7th, in my capacity as co-chair of the NCCFT Political Action Committee, I—along with Elaine Burm NYSUT’s PAC representative, Jane Morales, President of Herricks Teachers Association, and Jennifer Snyder, Vice President of Great Neck’s Teachers Association—met with Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel for about an hour to discuss the State-Base-Aid issues that concern us, specifically […]

In Higher Ed Curricula “Liberal Arts” is not the Opposite of “Career”

Two recent articles in the December 3, 2010 edition of The Chronicle of Higher Education galvanize a point made by The Chronicle repeatedly year after year for as long as I have read it. Simply put, it does, indeed, pay great dividends for students to earn an education in the liberal arts. Why is this […]