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Don’t Miss The Forest for the Trees: Seamless Transfer is Part of a Larger Picture We Can’t Ignore

In our last post, we started to place SUNY’s “Seamless Transfer” (SST) initiative in the larger context of what SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher calls “systemness,” a concept she defined in her 2012 State of the University address as, “the coordination of multiple components that[,] when working together[,] create a network of activity that is more […]

Video of the NCC Board of Trustees July 30 Meeting: They Accept Dr. Donald Astrab’s Resignation

You can see other NCCFT videos on our YouTube channel.

Photos from 3/27/2012 Rally For Our Students

Many thanks to Guy Pollio (English) for these wonderful photos of the March 27 Rally For Our Students. Please be patient. There are many photos and it may take a while for the slideshow to load. Having trouble viewing? Click here to view the album on Photobucket. Here’s the video:

Rally For Our Students!

NCCFT Update – 2/12/12

As we have all heard by now, several cars were vandalized. Acts of vandalism or any type of criminal activity is unacceptable on our campus. The NCCFT asks that everyone be aware of your surroundings; if you see something, say something. Grievance Updates: No one was surprised that the Administration has denied the NCCFT’s Step […]

Rally Videos

Three rallies were held over the summer to inform students about the impact of recent budget cuts. We posted a video from the second of the three rallies on August 12. Additional videos of the August 3rd rally and August 17th rally with faculty statements can be found on our YouTube channel:

The Ongoing Fight to Preserve the Quality of Education at NCC

As you know, the NCCFT Executive Committee began to reach out to the administration in early April, seeking to schedule a meeting to discuss ways that we might be able to help the college save money. Yesterday we had a chance to begin that conversation. The NCCFT Executive Committee met with President Astrab, Board Chair […]

Video: Faculty Speak Out Against Cuts That Hurt Our Community

Nassau Community College faculty present this video in protest of budget cuts that include reduction in full-time faculty lines. Nassau Community College has been called the “Gem of Nassau County” and is considered one of the best community colleges in the country. However, today faculty are concerned about budgetary cuts that compromise the quality of […]

Sign of the times?

Thirty years ago today, I was fired by President Reagan for striking with the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization (PATCO) after massive picketing to bring attention to the plight of beleaguered workers. Ironically, the FAA workers are back in the news today being used as political pawns. Anyhow, here I find myself picketing once again, […]

Rally On The Plaza – August 3, 2011

What: A Protest Rally When: Wednesday, August 3, 2011, 12 to 2 p.m. Rain or shine Where: In the plaza in front of the Tower Bring your friends. We have a dozen signs for our use. If you feel inspired, make a sign or poster of your own. Remember we’re protesting the lay-offs, the lack […]