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Complacency Is Not an Option

SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher’s idea of “systemness,” especially as she defined it in her 2012 State of the University address, sounds good in theory. “Systemness,” she said, “is the coordination of multiple components [within a system] that, when working together, create a network of activity that is more powerful than any action of individual parts […]

Falling Apart at the Seams: SUNY Seamless is Not What it Seems 2

In Part One of this series, we introduced some of the issues raised by implementation of SUNY’s “Seamless Transfer” (SST) plan, the stated goal of which is to increase student mobility and graduation rates by making it easier for students to transfer from college to college within the SUNY system. Most of you probably encountered […]

NCCFT President DeSanto’s Statement to BOT 5/31/12

Good Evening—I am Debra DeSanto—President of the NCCFT and I will be reading this statement on behalf of the Executive Committee If this has been a difficult year–and it has–it is not because we have made it so. Each time we have spoken strongly against President Astrab’s actions, or sought remedies from the grievance procedure […]

VP Frank Frisenda’s Statement to BOT 5-31-12

The recent college budget submitted to the Board and approved by the Board is a recipe for failure. Recent Budgets have resulted in the loss of about 80 Full Time lines in the past 2 years. Once again, I feel we must remind you of the services provided by the full time faculty. We serve as academic […]

Video of April 30 NCC Board of Trustees Meeting

Below is the video from Monday night’s NCC Board of Trustees meeting. To see other videos, visit our YouTube channel at

Colloquium: Liberal Arts Under Siege

The NCCFT and the English Department’s Literary Theory committee are pleased to invite you to a colloquium on the threats facing liberal arts education in the United States today.

NCCFT Officers Speak to Board of Trustees – 3/28/2012

Below are the statements made by NCCFT officers at last Wednesday’s Board of Trustees meeting. While defending the quality of education at NCC is our overriding interest, we spoke extensively about the exploitation of LINCC Lecturers. LINCC, or Language Immersion at NCC, is a program devoted to students who are learning English as a second […]

NCCFT Update – March 25, 2012

This has been another week of surprises, primarily in the form of a confidentiality agreement passed by the Nassau Community College Foundation Board of Directors. How are we not to assume they have something to hide • when they refuse to allow Directors to brief the community that the foundation serves; • when they legally […]

Speaking Of(f) The Record: Geoffrey Prime’s Empty Invitation

It wasn’t his fault it was empty. He’d known ahead of time that three trustees were not going to be at the March 14th BOT meeting. Yet there was hope for a quorum. All Mr. Prime needed was for three more trustees to appear and they could attend to the College’s business. It was important […]

NCCFT Update – March 5, 2012

In April 2011 the NCCFT Executive Committee began reaching out to the Administration to discuss ways we could work together to address fiscal problems facing the campus. We will present  and review those efforts and discuss the results at the NCCFT Executive Board meeting on Tuesday, March 6 and again to the entire membership at […]