Welcome to Spring 2013

Whether you have been on campus throughout the semester break or had a chance to get away, we hope you had a wonderful holiday season and New Year and the spring 2013 is off to a smooth start for you. There’s a lot of news to catch you up on and some important things to tell you to look out for, starting with the fact that elections for our at-large negotiators will be held shortly. As you know, our current contract expires at the end of August. We are ready now, as we were ready when we first proposed a contract extension more than a year ago, to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement that will bring stability to this campus. If you’ve been reading this blog and/or attending Board of Trustee meetings, you know that the messages we’ve been getting suggest that negotiations will be difficult at best. The at-large negotiators are an important part of our negotiating team, so please keep your eye out for the announcement about elections and vote when you receive the ballot in your inbox.
Some changes are taking place in the administration. The memorandum of agreement which allowed three of our colleagues, Professors Melanie Hammer, Anissa Moore and Judith Bennett-Murray, to work as acting deans has expired. Professor Hammer has decided to stay in her position in the administration, Dean of Arts and Humanities. Professors Moore and Bennett-Murray have returned to their departments, Communications and Nursing. Dr. Dean Kevlin will be filling in as Interim Dean for Social and Behavioral Sciences, while Dr. Jerry Kornbluth will take on the role of Interim Dean for Nursing and Allied Health Sciences until an affirmative action search has been completed. In addition, there will also be a search for Dean of Distance Education, but the membership of the search committees has yet to be determined.
While we’re on the subject of searches, as you know, the Board of Trustees has begun the process of looking for a new college president. NCCFT President, Debra DeSanto, will be representing the union on that search committee, but it is important to remember that we can also represent ourselves by signing up to speak at Board of Trustee meetings. The issues that confront us: a search for a new president, the lack of an academic vice president, the searches for area deans that still need to take place, and our upcoming contract negotiations are immediate and pressing. We cannot afford to let the Board of Trustees think we have stopped paying attention. The next meeting is on Tuesday, January 29th. Keep your eyes peeled for the call to action. We hope to see you there.
Finally, we’d like to acknowledge, thank, and celebrate for their service to this college those of our colleagues who have retired:
• Paul Biersuck
• Joseph Dowling
• Joanne Gaffney
• Laura Gilkes
• Madeline Hogan
• Eugene Neifach
• Michael Steuer
• Sharon Steuer
• Joan Tomaszewski
• Glenn Williams
We wish them only the best as they begin this next stage of their lives.
The General Union Meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 12. Put it on your calendars; we’re sure there will be a lot to talk about. And don’t forget the Board of Trustees meeting this Tuesday, January 29.

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