Articles from December 2012

NCC Board of Trustees Meeting of December 18, 2012

The December 18th Board of Trustees meeting did not have the drama of some of the previous meetings. Nonetheless, important things were said. If you have not yet read Debra DeSanto’s statement, you should; and you watch the video to hear Michael Steuer’s final words and farewell to the Board. We can only hope the […]

President Debra DeSanto’s statement to the BOT on 12-18-12

Good Evening Before I end this semester by wishing you and your families well, I want to relate a chance conversation I had with a retired NCC administrator last week. This high-ranking former administrator applauded the PERB ruling upholding our long-standing practice of converting temporary to probationary lines once crossing over to the 5th semester. […]

Out of The Frying Pan and into The Fire: We Believe in What We Do Even If They Do Not

When we first proposed a contract extension in April 2011, our goal was to save jobs and bring stability to the campus. In exchange, we offered financial concessions worth at least $4 million, an amount that would have compounded significantly as time went on. The Board of Trustees (BOT) understood that and yet they kept […]

NCCFT Holiday Luncheon