Articles from September 2012

Out of The Frying Pan and Into The Fire: Report on the Board of Trustees Meeting of September 25

It’s almost becoming a habit, these Board of Trustees meetings-that-aren’t. This past Tuesday was the second time since June that the board was unable to do business because they did not have a quorum. This is disconcerting. A board meeting is not only a time for the members to discuss and conduct the college’s financial […]

NCCFT Victory at PERB – Saunders’ Memo Struck Down

Sometimes you get to hit one out of the park–which is exactly what happened with the Improper Practice (IP) the NCCFT filed against the college regarding the administration’s decision to end the practice of giving people who  have worked four consecutive semesters on a temporary contract all the rights of probationary status if they are hired […]

“Walk to Prevent Suicide”

Colleagues This will be the second year that I am joining my brothers and sisters in Long Island for a cause that really matters.  The loss of a loved one to suicide has to be one of the most painful tragedies imaginable.  Many who have lost someone this way have turned that pain into something […]

Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire: Welcome to the Fall Semester 3

It’s easy to forget just how much of what we take for granted in our lives here at Nassau Community College is rooted in a collective bargaining agreement that very pointedly does not take for granted our indispensable role in establishing, maintaining and nurturing the academic quality and integrity of this institution. If you’ve never […]

Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire: Welcome to the Fall Semester 2

When Dr. Astrab resigned at the end of July, no one was under any illusion that our problems were over. On September 5th, Geoffrey Prime, Donna Haugen, and John Gross demonstrated that by declaring the Board of Trustees’ intention to go after tenure, jobs and job security in our upcoming contract negotiations. Dr. Astrab himself, […]

Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire: Welcome to the Fall Semester 1

Whether you have been on campus throughout the summer or had a chance to get away, we hope the start of this new academic year has gone smoothly so far. As you know, Nassau Community College is in the midst of transition. When the Board of Trustees accepted Donald Astrab’s resignation on the morning of […]