Articles from October 2011

What’s it all about?

NCCFT members are wearing buttons that encourage students and other members of the campus community to ask us what it’s all about. The “it” is the newly energized activism of the faculty. So, what is that all about? It’s about protecting the academic integrity of our degree and certificate programs. It’s about keeping classes small so […]

Understanding Eating Disorders


NCCFT President’s Statement to the BOT

NCCFT Statement to BOT on 10/12/11 read by M. D. DeSanto Good Evening I am Debra DeSanto, president of the NCCFT. The name of our school is Nassau COMMUNITY College. We are here as members of the faculty and members of this community.  Our community and our college are in trouble. The college suffered one […]

NCCFT Update: 10-10-11

The sudden resignation of Michael Freeman from the Board of Trustees has certainly come as a shock, at least to us. We are also surprised that the announcement about his resignation indicated that it was for personal reasons, despite coverage in Newsday and The New York Times that same morning of his indictment along with […]