Articles from August 2011

The Ongoing Fight to Preserve the Quality of Education at NCC

As you know, the NCCFT Executive Committee began to reach out to the administration in early April, seeking to schedule a meeting to discuss ways that we might be able to help the college save money. Yesterday we had a chance to begin that conversation. The NCCFT Executive Committee met with President Astrab, Board Chair […]

Video: Faculty Speak Out Against Cuts That Hurt Our Community

Nassau Community College faculty present this video in protest of budget cuts that include reduction in full-time faculty lines. Nassau Community College has been called the “Gem of Nassau County” and is considered one of the best community colleges in the country. However, today faculty are concerned about budgetary cuts that compromise the quality of […]

NYSUT Reports on NCCFT Protests

On August 3rd, our members gathered again to protest budget cuts that will threaten the quality of education that Nassau County residents have come to expect from their community college. This was the second of a series of rallies that we will use to focus attention on “perfect storm” of state funding cuts, underfunding by […]

Sign of the times?

Thirty years ago today, I was fired by President Reagan for striking with the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization (PATCO) after massive picketing to bring attention to the plight of beleaguered workers. Ironically, the FAA workers are back in the news today being used as political pawns. Anyhow, here I find myself picketing once again, […]