Articles from May 2011

Want to help? Here’s something you can do right now!

Many members have expressed frustration about the brutal impact of recent budget cuts. This NYSUT Action Alert raises the alarm about an ill-conceived tax cap that would result in further devastating cuts. Please read and then take action today: Governor Cuomo and legislative leaders are preparing to pass the most devastating tax cap in the […]

3 More Lines

After a number of meetings and conversations with Dr. Astrab this week, we can confirm that three additional lines have been retained. These decisions are being made following the College’s Strategic Plan. We expect to have more information next week. We will continue to keep you informed. There is still much work to be done, […]


The NCCFT hears its members loud and clear, and we are working on a new communication system. We also understand that you want to know what’s in the works even before final details are available. So, with that in mind, we’re announcing two upcoming mobilization efforts, with more details to follow. First, the next meeting […]

Professor Emeritus Email Restored

We are pleased to report that at Graduation last night, when Dr. Astrab introduced and congratulated those who had attained the rank of Professor and Administrator Emeritus, that he also announced that their email access would be restored. As you know, the NCCFT and the Academic Senate worked hard to resolve this before access was cut off. Then, after […]

9 Lines Restored. Union Fights For More.

Last week, after the announcement at a Chairs Committee meeting that the administration would be firing 66 faculty on temporary lines, the NCCFT immediately began fighting to have those lines restored. Our first action was to send a letter to Dr. Astrab reminding him that four of those temporary lines were part of a Memorandum […]

More Disturbing News–Another Administrator Appointed

The NCC Foundation Board of Directors meeting last night brought more disturbing news. Dr. Astrab announced to a stunned Foundation Board that he had appointed a new Director of the Foundation, without consulting them as a group. (The Foundation Director position had been empty since Ann Wolf’s abrupt departure last year).   This announcement comes […]

NCCFT Joins CSEA at Rally to Save Jobs

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First they came for the temps…

Pastor Martin Niemoller’s poem should serve as a summer reflection for all of us. We assure you that the NCCFT has not been silent regarding the elimination of the jobs of 66 full time faculty members on temporary appointments. Nor will we be silent over the summer. And we will need you to add your […]

2011 Operetta: Eat, Teach, Sing

Educate Realtors: Tax Caps Hurt Schools

We recently hosted a workshop on taking back the narrative. Claudia Schacter-DeChabert, our NYSUT Labor Relations Specialist led the training. Here’s an opportunity to put some of those skills to work. In response to a new advertising campaign launched by the New York State Association of Realtors to build support for a property tax cap, […]