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Meet the Candidates for NCCFT Classroom Vice-President

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Meet the Candidates for NCCFT Classroom Vice-President

Posted by The NCCFT Executive Committee

Donna Hope
This is a difficult and complex time at Nassau Community College… We have several major challenges ahead… including two key issues we must address: regaining middle states accreditation and our upcoming contract negotiations, always keeping in mind the importance of protecting shared governance, the ongoing issues of restricted budgets, and the continual threats and issues in higher education facing us today. Some of these issues include threats to academic freedom, free speech, tenure, protecting intellectual property, fighting against unfair immigration policy for undocumented students, protecting full-time faculty jobs, higher education funding, and college affordability…
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David Stern

The most obvious question all candidates should answer today is WHY? WHY do you seek to be an officer in our Union? Here are my answers:

I have been an effective voice as a leader of our Academic Senate. As all of you know, the Academic Senate is just one part of our Contract. I believe I can be an even greater advocate if I have the opportunity to advocate for our entire contract and the membership it cares for.

I’ve been outspoken (always in a respectful professional manner) at BOT meetings. I believe in the old Quaker saying of speaking truth to power. BOT members know and respect me…
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