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The NCCFT Candidates Forum

29 th

The NCCFT Candidates Forum

Posted by The NCCFT Executive Committee

On Tuesday, March 28th, the NCCFT held a forum so that union members could ask questions of those who are running for the executive committee. In addition to Professor David Stern, who is running for Classroom Vice President, four of the incumbents were present:

  • Professor Frank Frisenda, NCCFT President
  • Professor Donna Hope, NCCFT Classroom Vice President
  • Professor Caroline Falconetti, NCCFT Treasurer
  • Professor Rich Newman, NCCFT Secretary

The only contested position is that of Classroom Vice President.

Dawn Smith, our Non-Classroom Vice President, did not attend the forum because she was away on union business. She is running for re-election and is running unopposed. Professors Frisenda, Newman, and Falconetti are also running unopposed. Therefore, while they read opening statements, they elected not to answer any questions from the audience so that Professors Hope and Stern would have sufficient time to discuss their positions as fully as possible.


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  1. I would like to add that the proper terminology that has been used for the past several decades is Classroom Faculty and Non-Classroom Faculty as opposed to what we heard in this debate Teaching and Non-Teaching faculty. The reason that the latter is inappropriate is because teaching occurs both inside as well as outside the classroom. Moreover, there are no staff in the NCCFT, every member is a faculty member. I felt the need to clarify this since one individual in this debate continually used the wrong terminology.

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