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Political Action Report on February 12th's ED19 Monthly Meeting

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Political Action Report on February 12th's ED19 Monthly Meeting

Posted by The NCCFT Executive Committee

Stephanie Sapiie and I, Dawn Smith, are your Political Action Co-Chairs. As such, we attend many meetings during the year.  Our goal is to keep you informed of the matters covered during these meetings.

On Tuesday, February 12, 2013, I attended the monthly ED19 meeting which lasted a little over two hours. The NYSUT Board of Directors 6 hour webinar was reported on. Some things that might affect us:

  • NYSUT President, Dick Iannuzzi, appointed Matt Jacobs to replace Nassau Regional Director, John Coverdale.
  • NYSUT has posted the job for Suffolk Regional Director. At this point, we will remain two regions but, for cost saving reasons, making LI one region is something that is being considered.
  • Dave Atkins (IT) is leaving NYSUT.
  • There are 38 NYSUT staff retirements.
  • For cost saving measures, NYSUT is also talking about modifying the number of publications they send out as well as having the NYSUT calendar offered electronically.

We discussed the “doom and gloom” of negotiations. NYSUT offers three different negotiation workshops.

Some upcoming dates to note:

  • February 27 –  Meet and listen to Nassau County Executive candidate, Adam Haber, at Nassau Regional office 4:30-6:30PM If you are interested, contact the Union office, as space is limited.
  • March 6 – “Tell It Like It Is” – Conversation with President Dick Iannuzzi and Vice President Maria Neira. Call Nassau Regional office to register and get details (516-496-2035). This forum will take place at Suffolk Community College Brentwood @ 5:00 PM

Dawn Smith

Co-Chair, Political Action Committee